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Posted: 2007-12-10
Subject: Resources
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RP in general

[info]rp_tutorials especially this post here:
Everything you ever need to know and more!

Inspiration Stuff

A whole lot of random generators
that can help you with naming things, ships, bars etc as well as give you random ideas.

Other places you can check out for names:, Behind the Name

Image tools

Grandecaps @ Livejournal
A great place to find screencaps if you're not in the mood to cap stuff yourself. Bonus: a lot of them are logoless!

A fantastic addon for Firefox that saves you from the tiring task of right-click-saving 100+ images on one page!

A free and relatively easy to use image manipulation program if you can't get your hands on Photoshop.

A great place to store your banners and profile images.

More Icons!

These are just a few of my favorite places when I need ideas for PBs!

A great variety of PBs since any icon maker can come show of their wares so to speak!

People are amazingly helpful as this community goes to show. Need a PB and have no idea where to start looking? Something specific but your brain's not being helpful? Ask here!

Already know who you want but need more icons? Check here! They do an excellent job of listing PBs in their memories

Other Icon makers I like:



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